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Can You Portmanteau?

Can You Portmanteau?

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I lately learn an article through which the phrase satisficing was used. The phrase intrigued me. Based on the writer, satisficing is a mixture of sufficing and satisfying.

This led me to analyze if there have been different phrases that had been made by combining the sounds and meanings of two present phrases. I discovered that such a composite phrase is known as a portmanteau. I additionally found that there are lots of portmanteaus that we use each day, often with out realizing that is what they’re.

A portmanteau is often outlined as a big trunk or suitcase that opens into two equal components. Nonetheless, Lewis Carroll gave it a brand new which means in his e-book, By means of the Trying Glass, when he had Humpty Dumpty say: “Nicely, ‘slithy’ means “lithe and slimy” and ‘mimsy’ is “flimsy and depressing”. You see it is like a portmanteau-there are two meanings packed up into one phrase.”

Some portmanteau phrases are very acquainted and straightforward to deconstruct:

Backronym: again + acronym

Breathalyzer: breath + analyzer

Brexit: Britain + exit

Camcorder: digital camera + recorder

Caplet: capsule + pill

Glamping: glamorous + tenting

Infomercial: data + industrial

Infotainment: data + leisure

Inscape: inside + panorama

Web: worldwide + community

Malware: malicious + software program

Manscaping: man + landscaping

Meld: soften + weld

Motel: motor + resort

Bike: motorized + bicycle

Netflix: web + flicks

Palimony: accomplice + alimony

Pluot: plum + apricot

Simulcast: simultaneous + broadcast

Sitcom: situational + comedy

Tween: teen + between

Wikipedia: wiki + encyclopedia

Some portmanteau phrases are unfamiliar, however they’re nonetheless comparatively simple to deconstruct:

Affluenza: prosperous + influenza

Anticipointment: anticipation + disappointment

Prequiem: preemptive + requiem

Screenager: display + teenager

Some phrases are very acquainted, however their contributing phrases could also be surprising- at the least, they stunned me. For instance, I by no means knew that the phrase weblog consists of net and log.

Bit: binary + digit

Chortle: chuckle + snort

Cyborg: cybernetics + organism

Endorphin: endogenous + morphine

Fortnight: fourteen + nights

Gainsay: towards + say

Garmin: Garry Burrell + Min Kao

Gerrymander: Gerry + salamander

Goodbye: God + be (with) + ye

Groupon: group + coupon

Problem: haggle + tussle

Humongous: enormous + monstrous

Ineptitude: inept + perspective

Microsoft: microcomputer + software program

Modem: modulation + demodulation

Muppet: marionette + puppet

Pixel: image + ingredient

Prissy: prim + sissy

Skype: sky + peer-to-peer

Smog: smoke + fog

Taxicab: taximeter + cabriolet

Travelogue: journey + monologue

Vitamin: vita + amine

WiFi: wi-fi + constancy

There have been some phrases I’ve by no means seen earlier than. For instance, I stay in Wisconsin, the place we get numerous snow and ice, and I’ve by no means heard this phrase utilized in any climate forecast, snice: snow and ice.

Ambigram: ambiguous + gram

Automagically: computerized + magically

Flexitarian: vegetarian + versatile

Mizzle: mist + drizzle

Sporgery: spam + forgery

Stagflation: stagnation + inflation

And a few phrases appear to be malapropisms once we hear them for the primary time, however they’re really actual phrases; for instance, refudiate: repudiate + refute.

It actually makes me marvel who initially coined these phrases, why they felt the necessity to create them, and the way they had been so darn intelligent!


Can You Portmanteau?

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