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Creating an Amazon Biotope Aquarium

Creating an Amazon Biotope Aquarium

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Most of the World’s best freshwater fish come from the huge water system in South America often called the Amazon. This river system is understood for its large catfish, man consuming piranhas, and even reptiles like caiman and anacondas. The Amazon River is the biggest river drainage system on this planet, masking over 2.7 million sq. miles. It additionally accounts for one fifth of the worlds whole freshwater river water.

So with all that in thoughts, it is no marvel that many wish to re-create this spectacular river at dwelling of their freshwater aquariums. A biotope, as we name it, is strictly that: a re-creation of a selected geographical space at dwelling. However the place do you start?

It’s preferable to begin with a big tank of at the least 75 gallons. 100 or extra gallons is nice, and the final rule of thumb is the larger the higher. The explanation for this isn’t solely as a result of extra water quantity means a extra secure eco-system, but additionally as a consequence of a number of the extra fascinating species of fish being bigger in dimension and thus requiring a bigger aquarium.

The substrate (gravel) must be sandy, with some rounded river rocks blended in. The Amazon is understood for its dense vegetation and so many reside vegetation are additionally beneficial. There are numerous amazonian vegetation out there at most native pet retailers in North America. Driftwood can also be frequent within the Amazon, with a lot of skinny roots the place the fish can take shelter.

The water pH within the Amazon is usually barely acidic, between 6.4 and 6.6, however you may have it up nearer to impartial (7.0) when you favor. A whole lot of fish bred in captivity are used to a extra impartial pH relatively than these collected from their native waters. The temperature must be stored between 75 and 80 levels fahrenheit and the water dGH (levels of common hardness) must be on the softer facet. Lighting must be dim, maybe via using floating vegetation.

So now comes the enjoyable half, which is stocking the aquarium with fish. We can’t go into particulars about how you can correctly add fish to the aquarium, or feed or breed the totally different species. We are going to simply say that you must add the fish slowly and make sure you analysis the “cycle” system which creates a correct organic ecosystem in your aquarium.

Some notable species for a small (25 or so gallon) Amazon biotope aquarium embody:

  • Neon Tetras and different small tetras
  • Corydoras species of catfish
  • Apistogramma species of dwarf cichlids

Some notable species for a medium sized (55 or so gallon) amazon biotope embody:

  • Silver {Dollars}
  • Headstanders
  • Cichlids reminiscent of Jack Dempseys, Severums or Angelfish
  • Pictus catfish

Some notable species for giant sized (80+ gallon) amazon biotopes embody:

  • Oscars or giant (12+ inch) south american cichlids
  • Silver Arowanas
  • Lima Shovelnose catfish

There are additionally large amazonian fish reminiscent of Pacus, Tiger Shovelnose catfish, Redtailed Catfish and Peacock Bass (which are literally cichlids and never true bass). These fish require extraordinarily giant tanks and are greatest suited to public aquariums.

So there you’ve some beginning concepts in your Amazon biotope aquarium. Good luck and keep in mind, analysis is essential!

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Creating an Amazon Biotope Aquarium

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