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House Treatment For Head Lice

House Treatment For Head Lice

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Any dad or mum of college age youngsters have had no less than one bout with head lice. If you have not, you’ll. Head lice shampoo that you just purchase on the native pharmacy is not low-cost, and it is not all the time 100% efficient. Listed here are a couple of residence treatments to check out which can be low-cost, in some instances free, and work simply as properly if not higher than the stuff you purchase at your pharmacy. These are conventional residence treatments which were used for years, even earlier than the medicated shampoo got here out.

1. Get an onion, it would not matter what variety, and juice it. Therapeutic massage the juice of the onion into the scalp and depart on the scalp for 3 or 4 hours. When the time is up, wash the hair completely till there aren’t any extra lice to be seen. This won’t kill the eggs which can be on the hair right now, so you could do that for 3 or 4 days to kill the remaining lice.

2. Combine freshly extracted coconut oil with camphor powder. Therapeutic massage the combination into the scalp earlier than mattress. Wash the hair and scalp completely within the morning. Repeat for 4 days to kill all of the lice.

3. You’ll be able to eliminate lice fully with out utilizing any product in any respect through the use of a lice comb to eliminate the nits (eggs) and tweezers to take away the stay bugs. That is very time consuming however works. You might have to do that for a number of days, as properly.

4. You need to use actual mayonnaise, olive oil, or Vaseline. Therapeutic massage into the scalp earlier than mattress and canopy with a bathe cap. Wash your hair completely within the morning, utilizing a fantastic tooth comb to take away the nits.

5. Take a uncooked custard apple and grind it right into a powder, together with the seeds. Therapeutic massage the powder into the scalp earlier than mattress. Tie the hair again with a fabric or use a bathe cap. Wash the hair within the morning.

6. Wash the hair in Sea Breeze facial cleanser every night time earlier than mattress. This won’t solely kill the lice, it’s going to stop lice from ever coming again.

7. This residence treatment ought to solely be used on adults and must be averted altogether if there are even youngsters in the home. Combine a small little bit of kerosene with a whole bottle of shampoo and wash the hair. After washing the hair with the kerosene shampoo, wash the hair with common shampoo. This instantly kills the lice bugs, however would not kill the nits. Due to this fact, it have to be repeated for 3 or 4 days to fully eradicate the lice from the hair.

8. To take away the lice from bedding, clothes, stuffed animals, and different tender supplies, stuff them right into a rubbish bag and spray with Lysol. Tie the rubbish bag up hermetic, and depart in there for no less than 24 hours.

Lice are onerous to eliminate, and an actual ache while you or your baby get them. These treatments ought to absolutely work to remedy your ills.

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House Treatment For Head Lice

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