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Legislation & Order: OC Wrap-up: So What Did Stabler’s Letter to Benson Claim?

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In white wine, there is fact. And also in Albanian medicines, there are admissions of made complex sensations for long time good friends.

If you require evidence, look no more than today’s back-to-back Legislation & Order: The Mob, in which Stabler is dosed with an immoral compound and also arrive Benson’s door, out of his mind. Admissions are made! Welcomes occur!

However allow’s support. The two-hour The Mob, component of a SVU crossover, is a bumpy ride for Stabler. His initial test comes when he was charged with refuting a criminal offense scene– consisting of 2 partly dismembered bodies– after Reggie and also the Marcy Killers obtained component of an Italian cartel. He is indirectly accountable for the murder of a bagel-shop proprietor that was beholden to Reggie’s uncle, Albi. Bell used to draw him out, however he stated no. After That he is virtually determined by a questionable person in a restaurant; just by means of a well-timed hit by the Italians did he take care of to preserve his cover.

And also we have not also reached the reappearance of Bernadette “Bernie” Stabler, Elliot’s mama, that obtains grabbed by the authorities after she puts a little kid in the park, believing he’s a stubborn young Elliot. It’s clear that his mom is off her medications and also having some memory troubles when Stabler obtains to the terminal to see what’s up. She does not instantly bear in mind that her daughter-in-law is dead. And afterwards, when she does, she asks, “Exactly how was Olivia’s funeral service?” Elliot, with rips in his eyes, picks not to remedy her and also merely responds, “It was lovely,” as they hug.

A journey back to Bernie’s location exposes that it’s a mess, and also she’s semi-hoarding felines. She declines to head to a center that can assist obtain her back on the right track, so Kathleen provides to bring her house. Eli believes that’s a wonderful concept, also, so Elliot does away with his “I can not think this is occurring” face and also claims he gets on board.

After That there’s an entire point where Stabler wards off an Albanian/Italian deadlock by stepping right into the scene and also displaying a. is that a rocket launcher? He’s so effective that Reggie’s household welcomes him to commemorate and also officially invites him right into the internal circle, providing him a committed mobile phone. Among the women accessible sprays something in her mouth, after that consumes Stabler’s face like it’s her damn task. He instantaneously begins to really feel the results of whatever medicine is currently swimming in his system, though he takes care of to make it out of the dining establishment without blowing his cover or exciting way too much uncertainty.

He arrive Liv’s location, where she wishes to call the occurrence in and also adhere to the procedure for dosed undercovers.


has various other points on his addled mind. “We never ever discussed what took place,” he claims (haltingly and also extremely strangely, many thanks to the trickery that’s taking place in his body). She believes he’s speaking about her aggravations concerning the Navarro situation, however he reacts, “Not Navarro. United States.” OH OK NOW. Liv attempts to alter the topic, however he spouts out, “I really did not compose the letter.” Well this is brand-new details, isn’t it? He babbles on that particular Kathy penciled the missive, believing that placing ideas down on paper would certainly make discussion in between her spouse and also his old companion simpler after a lot time apart. Due to the fact that I think some of you are below exactly for the dramatization, warmth and also great god obtain it with each other, and also! that these 2 can not create however assist, I will currently connect the remainder of their discussion completely:
BENSON|”After that what we were to every various other was never ever actual, which we hindered of each various other being that and also where we required to be?”
STABLER|”That was Kathy.”
BENSON|”And also if there’s a guy in my life, you wish he’s the kind, faithful, committed guy that I was worthy of.
BENSON|”However in an identical world–“


|”‘ It will certainly constantly be you and also I.’ I composed that. I slid it in there prior to securing the envelope.” (Side note:!!!!!!!)

After that he type of collapses right into her– I think you can call it a hug, though it’s even more of a regulated loss– and also among his huge paws shows up together with her face like a drowsy grizzly bear grabbing another salmon right prior to it loses consciousness for its lengthy winter months’s snooze.

I have a lot of ideas. One, this scene really feels a great deal like the treatment little bit last period because it’s actual feeling being shared at the ABSOLUTE WORST TIME. 2, Kathy Stabler was a wary little point, had not been she? #Respect. And also 3, what on Donald Cragen’s environment-friendly Planet made you assume that this was a great concept, El?

The following early morning, Stabler gets up shirtless … on Bell’s sofa, Liv having actually called Elliot’s commander and also handing her that entire mess. A lot more #Respect for a solitary mama that resembles, “I rejoice you’re unburdening on your own as well as likewise sweating throughout my lounger, however it’s an institution evening so allow’s obtain you on your method, hmm?”

In other places in the episode: * After the NYPD used a modest negotiation for Ayanna’s nephew’s strike, she and also Denise meet Congressman Kilbride. Ultimately, it ends up being clear: He believes Bell would certainly make a great political leader, and also he wishes to assist make that occur. * Stabler teased with Albi’s spouse Flutura and after that found that Albi was gay, virtually because order. Albi obtained


to eliminating Stabler in order to safeguard his trick, however in the nick of time (and also after some smooth talking on Elliot’s component), he drew back.

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