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The God Is Unborn

The God Is Unborn

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The God is alleged to be the ‘Supreme’ non secular entity that’s everlasting, infinite, formless and boundless. One who’s supreme can’t be stated to be supreme if there may be somebody who’s even superior to him. And the mom is, little question superior to the kid she offers start to. That is referred to as ‘Matri-Rin’ or ‘debt’ and that is such a debt which may by no means be repaid and an indebted particular person can’t be stated to be ‘Supreme’!

So the entire idea of being ‘supreme’ could be shattered if there may be or has been anybody who’s or has been superior to the ‘supreme’ entity.

That is a method of explaining why God is unborn as a result of he’s second to nobody. He’s everlasting which implies ‘Sanatan‘ i.e. ever present. In Gita the phrase ‘everlasting’ or ‘ sanatan’ has been used for the God Head, the Creation or ‘Srishti’, Soul or ‘Atma’, Data or ‘Gyan’, the sound of existence I.e ‘Om‘ or ‘Omkara‘ and Samaya (Kaal). So, all these phrases are synonyms of the God Head himself.

One other means of explaining why God is unborn is reasonably sophisticated. There are two sorts of World or Universes within the nature. One is ‘Non secular’ and the opposite is ‘Materials’. The world during which we live is named the fabric world.

There are various extra materials worlds within the nature. In actual fact, no matter we are able to see or understand via our senses is included on this class. We will see the solar, moon, stars and planets and so on. so all these are materials worlds certainly. The very best one is alleged to be the ‘Brahmand’, which is headed by Lord Brahma himself.

A lot past the top of the territory of the fabric worlds (say thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands miles forward) is one other world referred to as ‘Non secular World’ which is the abode of the God Head.

The fundamental distinction between these two worlds is that the residing beings of the fabric world have a physique and are mortal and topic to the miseries hooked up to the start, outdated age, illness and loss of life and so on. however the residing beings of the non secular world are immortal, everlasting, infinite and formless i.e. ‘Nirakar‘.

The relationships of father, mom, son and daughter and so on. and the intercourse differentiation of female and male are the traits of the fabric world whereas this nomenclature has no that means within the non secular world. So it’s not crucial for the God to be son of anyone. He’s unborn and shall stay so until eternity.

Truly we now have drawn the inferences of the physique construction and the relationships from the lives of Lord Ram & Lord Krishna however they have been the incarnations of the God Head and never the God themselves.

Each, Lord Ram & Lord Krishna had taken start on this materials world as a human being in order that they needed to go via the miseries hooked up to start, outdated age, illness and loss of life that are inherent within the materials world.

However the actual God Head lives within the non secular world, which is free from all of the miseries of the fabric world. And there he enjoys the lifetime of ‘SAT’, ‘CHIT’ and ‘ANAND’ together with numerous different Souls who merge with him after being liberated from the fabric world.

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The God Is Unborn

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