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Worlds Past Unusual World (Planet Reversal Final Episode With Dr. McGee) X

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Worlds Past Unusual World (Planet Reversal Final Episode With Dr. McGee) X

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When Dr. McGee left my workplace to analyze a matter regarding Venus and Saturn, together with its moons, he left with me his memorandums on his analysis updated on the problem he was placing collectively. One way or the other I used to be not optimistic I might not see him once more within the flesh. I had no doubts he-as always-had found one thing, after he had denoted one thing about hand-axes manufactured from flint 700,000-years in the past discovered on a Norfolk seaside, a current axe manufactured from basalt 49,000 years previous, then referring to the primary Sumerian King, A-lu-lim, 241,000 B.C., and the north and south poles being reversed by earth’s magnetic invisible defend which seemingly befell 778,000-years in the past, he referred to as it: ‘Planet Reversal’ after which he went residence, sat in chair, had coronary heart assault and died. My previous Military buddy, and scientific comrade, similar to that. The funeral befell in Alabama yesterday, and his manuscript, or memos he left behind for me to ponder on, a step into the mysterious cloud-enwrapped planet earth, because it was maybe recognized to humanity or its inhabitants, per close to 1,000,000 years in the past, info unattainable had he not left them with me.

As I began studying them in my workplace at present after his funeral yesterday, a wierd, outwardly unearthly world we had again in these far-off days, and so now I shall let Dr. McGee inform his personal story in his personal phrases as I learn the manuscript, however a number of pages lengthy in its whole, to be his verbal scribe, the impersonality of my function being his explainer:

“They had been darkish haired folks referred to as ‘black-heads’ and spoke an agglutinative language, just like the Historic Turkish (Turanian). I do imagine they got here from one other world, maybe Venus, Saturn, or one in every of their moons, or one of many many 4000-planets now found by our interspace telescopes, looking the galaxies, especial the 100 galaxies hidden behind the Milky Approach, with their numerous photo voltaic programs and planets:

“I discovered a map, bought it, it was a redrawn map from across the fifteenth Century, which was a replica of a previous map I used to be instructed of a extra historic kind. I traced the map again to King A-lu-lim, the primary recognized Sumerian king, 241,000 B.C. His dynasty dominated 5 to 6 kingdoms, one being Antarctica. His area alone lasted 28,800-years, and his dynasty as I discussed went again to, 241,000 B.C., thereafter onward. Till the second dynasty got here into to play 24,510-years was its size, and the three or 4 or 5 dynasties thereafter, maybe lasting 3000 to 3500-years a bit. It’s protected to say, the Sumerian race goes again to maybe 300,000-years or so, at which period, throughout this era the map was initially made. And on the map, Antarctica was a luscious inexperienced landmass.

“Now we should hold an open thoughts to this. One thriller results in one other, and issues do not get solved except one other unsolved thriller seems, and so King A-lu-lim whom I imagine had the map authentic made, and made at a distance above the earth, and previous to his coming to earth, maybe from some spacecraft, since it’s a view overlooking the globe.

“To make the story easier to grasp I’m abandoning any formal phrases in physics, or clutches, and attempt to clarify how this all took place in roughly modest manner, however I need to assume the King and his astronauts got here from some planet, I select Venus, though it very properly may have been wherever among the many star planets. The King, maybe the Captain of the spacecraft, was brave in his personal proper, hacking his manner by means of house, hesitate to depart any actual knowledge on his journey about his journey, apart from the map, having to overthrow the recognized world of hybrid humanoids. Even avoiding to a sure diploma their presence, maybe utilizing them for labor functions, when want be.

“Previous to the King’s arrival, about 778,000 B.C., one other taking place was in course of, inside earth, and out of doors it, and round it. Earth’s turbulent and invisible magnetic area and defend, was taking a reversal.

“As we all know inside earth’s molten core, right here fluid motions generate this area, some 3000 km beneath our ft. In a swirling opinion of liquid iron, that is what makes a compass do what a compass is meant to do, and likewise creates the consequences, as within the magnetism in rocks and ocean currents. Consequently, we’ve got this magnetic ‘bubble’ that protects us from house radiation, now weakening. Ought to it weaken excessively, north will grow to be south and south, north! This very factor was going down 780,000 B.C., slowly however absolutely, maybe accomplished 250,000 B.C., which we will conclude Antarctica was inexperienced previous to this, whereupon, the Sumerians in its first eight kings, would have lived by means of this cycle change, of the mass magnetic area thinning at its midriff and reversing itself, altering the seasons within the south predominately and completely, or not less than till now, as it’s altering as soon as once more.

“This transformation depth, will be seen within the magnetic north, which is off extra usually than 400-miles any given day, and the geographical North, is rarely the identical because the magnetic north as we all know, and perchance assume it ought to be. This all after all takes place in earth’s liquid movement inside her east-west fluctuation stream.

“Now again to our expensive Sumerian Kings, what occurred to their dynasties? For the previous dynasties perished, and the lesser dynasties got here into play, people who dominated for 3500-years or so. By 70,000 B.C., the entire technique of earth’s reversal had taken place. And due to this, a tragic occasion befell, that per close to vanished earth’s humanoids to extinction. And the Sumerians likewise, really the examine reveals the drastic dip in humanity to about 5000-total, male, feminine, previous, younger, youngsters, and everything of humanoids and sub humanoids. Of them, maybe forty-Sumerians survived, of which out of this, about 7600 B.C., the primary Dynasty of Erech got here into existence. However what befell on the island of Sumatra, in Indonesia, and within the South China Sea space, throughout an Ice Age, Toba, a volcano erupted; a quantity ‘8’, of a mega-colossal magnitude, the best volcanic eruption in historic occasions. It blew 650 miles of vaporized rock into the air. Leaving a terrific portion of earth with six centimeters of ash, it cooled the earth by twenty levels, and what was left of mankind, had been merely small bands of people, hungry and scattered for 50,000-years. And the legacy of the Sumerian Kings.” Dr. B. G. McGee

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Worlds Past Unusual World (Planet Reversal Final Episode With Dr. McGee) X

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